Prior to getting started on our wellness journey with Young Living, I was a broke, stressed out, mom of 2, living paycheck to paycheck and worried about the direction of my family's health. In 2012, I made one the very best decisions of my life when I bought my Young Living Premium Starter Kit of essential oils. That kit of oils catapulted me into exploring what natural, holistic living really was. Let me tell you something. We were the farthest away from natural. I lived on McDonalds cheeseburger meals and diet coke and fed my kids Spaghettios and Oreos several meals a week. I honestly didn't know any better until I started reading and exploring on my own. So listen, if you are doing that, I am NOT judging you, I promise! My heart is to share what I know so that you can know better and be able to do better. I challenge you to start doing your own research on what is in our food and body care products. So once I started reading, researching and researching more, I couldn't be stopped. I was appalled at what as allowed to be sold on the supermarket shelves and allowed to be called food and what kind of toxins were allowed to be in products we put on our skin, our largest organ.  The more I learned, the more I couldn't shut up. I was sharing what I knew and sharing the awesome products that helped me turn my home into a safe environment to raise my kids. One day I woke up and I found myself doing the business side of Young Living, that which I said I would NEVER do.I love helping people feel better!  I want to help you jump on the holistic path so that you can create a healthier, happier, more JOYFUL version of yourself by guiding you in proper nutrition and the use of essential oils. I want you to live out your GOD GIVEN purpose with vigor, energy and vitality. We only have one vessel to do that with and we have to take care of that vessel, that temple where the Lord dwells. Will you join me? I cannot WAIT to meet you. To get the same kit, I started my journey with, please go here. You won't regret it. You will have a huge online community of instant friends who cannot wait to meet you, to love on you and  to support you along the way!