Strawberry Lime-Aid Smoothie

Strawberry Lime-Aid Smoothie

We are still in the middle of some serious Alabama heat here! It has gotten up into the hundreds and yesterday topped out at 98. Here, when you walk outside, you automatically need a freaking shower. The humidity is ridiculous! Anyway.. I played around with some Vitality, Young Living Lime oil. This is one of my favorites to cook with, especially when I am making guacamole. This turned out SUPER tasty. 


Strawberry LimeAid Smoothie

1 cup of coconut milk or almond

1 big handful of organic frozen whole strawberries

1 slique shake packet 

3 drops of Lime Vitality Young Living Essential Oil 

Blend in that order, adding more coconut milk as you need to smooth it out to your desired consistency. 


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