21 Day Wellness Challenge

21 Day Wellness Challenge

We just got back from California on a week long vacation with AK and Abbie. California has a ton of healthy options for food choices but somehow I made my way to a few places where I didn't make such great decisions. Does that happen to you guys? Seriously, sometimes I have zero self control on vacation.   I found myself thinking the entire way home what the gameplan was going to be to get my wellness back on track. Let me tell you, I am so SO thankful for the accountability and support that we have in our wellness group, our tribe, Elevate You. Aren't you? Are you guys ready to do this thing? 

If you are feeling extra fluffy right now like I am, or you just need encouragement to start a wellness plan or continue on the one you are on, If you love great prizes and ton of fun, you need to connect in the group and join us. It is said we are 75% more likely to succeed when we have support and accountability and let me tell you, Elevate You is hands down the best place for accountability, support, love, grace, tips, tricks, recipes an education. Thinking about it, I don't think I have ever had to delete one rude or negative comment in our group in the last two years! Good People I tell you. You guys ROCK.  


So here are the details and we  will be keeping it simple. We are sharing with you, exactly what we are doing for ourselves. 

For 21 days we will:

1. Eat food God made. If you can't pronounce it don't eat it. If it came from a seed, go right ahead and preferably if if you are going to eat meat, get it from a trusted local source that has grass fed it. Basically we are not eating processed food. We will share recipes and examples in Elevate You. You will need to record your food by using a blank notebook or the Elevate Wellness Journal which I will be using. 

2. Drink one gallon of water a day. Phew! This one is so hard for me! I don't love water, but I have got to flush my kidneys so here we go. You can track your water with your daily journaling in your Elevate Wellness Journal. Add some Vitality oils for extra goodness. My personal faves are the citrus oils! 

3. Move. Exercise at least 30 minutes each time for at least 3 days a week. You will record this in your journal. 

4. Take your Supplements. I will be taking Ningxia Red, Multigreens, Master Formula, Essentialzyme-4 and Life 9 probiotics. You can copy me, or choose what you believe is best for your body. I do however think this is the basics of what everyone needs. I would love to see you experiment with a few more. You will also record these in your journal.

5. No Sugar. No Bread. No Alcohol.  I. know. Hardest part EVER, but trust me, your waistline, your gut, your liver and your pancreas with thank you so much. Heck, your whole body will thank you and you will feel amazing. AMAZING. We can do this together!! EEEP! 

6. Post in Elevate You Recipes, tips, product education,  pictures of your journal entires, wins and struggles by using the hashtag #21daystoelevate for a chance to win crazy awesome prizes each week. 

7. Encourage. Find someone to encourage or high five each day! 


Easy enough, right? I will see you in there! Tag Les or I with any question that you have. I cannot wait to FEEL GOOD with all of you. 

And hey, If you are not in our Elevate Community and you want to join us, we would LOVE to have you! Click HERE to find out how to gain access to the best wellness tribe on the planet and have access to the supplements we are using at 24% off! Contact me with any question you have! 

Here is what some others are saying about Elevate You.



"Encouragement through love and understanding by the people in this group has been a big factor in helping me achieve all my goals physically, spiritually and emotionally."
-Leslie Minick

"I love the Elevate You group because of the inspiration, encouragement, and especially the push I get from everyone that helps me grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally!"             

- Carmine Loper

"I am thankful for this community where there is no judgment and so much support and encouragement. We are all trying to do better. We all fail  sometimes, and this group encourages and helps us continue on a little better."  

- Marie Elwell

"I love the elevate community because of the emotional support and prayers that I receive from people that I have never actually met and to encourage me more than even family."    

 - Lisa Quinn


See you in the group!






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